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Automotive Sales Challenges Using Automotive Video Marketing
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Automotive Sales Challenges Using Automotive Video Marketing

Automotive Sales Challenges Using Automotive Video Marketing

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Automotive Sales Challenges Using Automotive Video Marketing

Since the early 1900s, automotive companies have harnessed the power of advertising to drive their business forward. In fact, 100 years after that they continue to lead the advertising revolution, which is now complemented by digital advertising and more specifically, digital video.

The power of video advertising – the image, sound and movement of video advertising is powerful, and with media consumption shifting from the traditional living room viewing experience towards mobile on the go, brands now need to connect with consumers on-the-go by providing content directly to consumers.

Automotive Sales Challenges Using Automotive Video Marketing

The passenger vehicle segment in automotive advertising will remain attractive for the next 5 years with the highest growth from contributions in the small cars segment.

This growth is a clear illustration of how small cars and SUVs have succeeded in finding the limits of their buyer segment that requires a vehicle that is small, agile in the city, and easy to drive. Initially targeted as a four-wheeled vehicle option for low-income people, automotive manufacturers are also offering extra features on the small cars to make the vehicle more stylish and attractive to buyers including professionals in the millennial generation.

As a result of the figures above, automotive manufacturers face a challenge where millennials cannot tolerate the process of purchasing a car from a dealer which can take 4 hours. More than other generations, car buyers in the millennial generation usually do research first, observe the general public's opinion about the vehicle, or have an emotional feeling about a brand. Also, today's buyers have changed their car buying behavior to the point where many of them do online research on brands before they set foot in a dealership.

One of the biggest challenges faced by dealer associations and dealers is utilizing digital platforms to drive consumer behavior – with the intended end result being an increase in offline visits to showrooms to purchase a car. Connecting the dots of online video advertising to activities occurring offline has always been a challenge for advertisers.

These sellers need to measure the results of their advertising spend in real terms by tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI) online and offline such as website visits, online inventory searches, dealership visits, service department visits, and finally sales figures as the main goal.

Opportunity of Automotive Sales using Automotive Video Marketing

4 other opportunities that must be utilized by the automotive industry in developing marketing strategies.
1. Engaging Consumers on Every Screen.
Multi-screen environments offer the opportunity to connect video content to consumers on-the-move as well as stitch video messages across screens and have the potential to connect video to the screens consumers frequently view, as well as defining target audiences to ensure content is distributed in a relevant manner to each audience.
2. Interactivity and Engagement
Digital video takes interaction to a quite unique level, creating closer relationships than other mediums. Digital video is able to deliver high quality video to grab consumers' attention, especially when they hold the video in their own hands.
3. Measuring Performance of automotive sales challenges using automotive video marketing
The current purchasing process has shifted much of the journey to the online realm, especially for the research stage. This allows advertisers in the automotive industry to measure the performance of their digital ads in new ways, beyond just tracking the number of clicks.
4. Creating the Educated Buyer
Potential buyers want to gather as much information as possible and there is no doubt that video content is an important part of that information. High-definition and engaging videos allow users to find out more about their dream car, and can be an important factor in their decision-making process.
5. Audience Targeting
More than behavioral targeting, digital advertisers can also target their audiences geographically, down to the level of postal code information from that audience.

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